BOLD Council

The BOLD Council is the advisory group to the young alumni program.

The Council provides guidance and direction to the young alumni program and works to enhance the connection between the College and our alumni of the last decade. The BOLD Council supports fundraising efforts, promotes young alumni events, and works with alumni in residence to ensure the connection is not lost once they leave Gettysburg College.

For more information about the BOLD Council and membership responsibilities, please read through the following documents.

BOLD Council Member Position Description

BOLD Council Policies and Procedures

Current BOLD Council Members 2018-2019

Jake Aslplundh '10

Jake Asplundh ’10*
Baltimore, MD

Industry: Finance
Committee: Outreach

I am in my sixth and final year on the Council and my second as Chair. My role on the Council is to make sure everyone is working toward the same goals while trying to keep things as interesting and exciting as they can be!

Sarah Cardwell '15

Sarah Cardwell ’15*
Vice Chair
Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Higher Education, Non-profit, Development
Committee: Outreach

I am in my third year on BOLD and serve on the Outreach Committee. I have also served on the Nominations Committee, reviewing applicants to the council and helping those that have applied navigate through the application process. I also serve as a new city ambassador, welcoming BOLD alumni to their new city (serve in DC and Philadelphia).

Rebecca Borovsky '16

Rebecca Borovsky ’16*
Columbia, SC

Industry: Higher Education
Committee: Development

As a new member to BOLD, I work to connect with the newest Gettysburg Alumni. My goal is to show them the value of staying engaged and financially supporting the College.

Bridget Ashton '18

Bridget Ashton ’18*
Mooresville, NC

Megan Bailey '14

Megan R. Bailey ’14
Towson, MD

Industry: Non-profit, ministry
Committee: Career

As a new member of the BOLD council, I just started serving on the Career Committee. We are committed to helping current students and alumni connect in their fields of interest and take advantage of the Gettysburg network.

Abigail Conner '15

Abigail Conner ’15
Brookline, MA

Industry: Health and Fitness
Committee: Development

Arielle Distasio '12

Arielle Distasio ’12*
Washington, DC

Industry: Government
Committee: Outreach

I am in my second term on the BOLD Council, and my goal is to push the Council to consider new, bigger ideas and to ensure we are reaching out to all types of alums, whether they are currently engaged or not, and no matter how much they are able to give financially

Angela Dolson '11

Angela Dolson ’11
Outreach Chair
Hershey, PA

Industry: Higher Education

I have served as a member of the BOLD Council for about a year and am currently a member of the Outreach committee. During my time on BOLD, I hope we can help reconnect other young alumni with the College by providing them with opportunities to engage with Gettysburg and with each other.

Lindsey Gieger '16

Lindsey R. Gieger ’16
Baltimore, MD

Industry: Biotechnology
Committee: Outreach

This is my first year on the BOLD council. I work on the Outreach committee to generate and implement ideas on how to keep alumni involved!

David Gilmore '14

David Gilmore '14
Temple, PA

Industry: Healthcare
Committee: Career

Brooke Gutschick '17

Brooke Gutschick ’17
Nashville, TN

Committee: Outreach

Patrick Hill '14

Patrick Hill ’14
Washington, DC

Industry: Insurance
Committee: Career

Fergan Imbert '16

Fergan Imbert ’16
Baltimore, MD

Committee: Outreach

Abby Kallin '12

Abby Kallin ’12
Philadelphia, PA

Committee: Development

Khemilla Kedarnath '18

Khemilla Kedarnath ’18
Bronx, NY

Committee: Development

Justin Kollinger '10

Justin Kollinger ’10*
Arlington, VA

Industry: Consulting
Committee: Development

I say thank you to young alumni for their recent gifts to the College and solicit new gifts.

Alexa Laboy '18

Alexa Laboy ’18
New York, NY

Committee: Outreach

Jonah Lucas '16

Jonah Lucas ’16
Development Chair
Annapolis, MD

Industry: Events

In my second year on the BOLD Council, I have helped Gettysburg connect with recent Alumni, and have served on the Development Committee where we try and best support the college and it's goals.

Matthew Maynard '14

Matthew Maynard ’14
Bristol, CT

Industry: Insurance
Committee: Development

I currently serve as a member of the Development Committee. We give thanks to BOLD alumni for the dedicated and continued support for Gettysburg College and solicit BOLD alumni encouraging them to stay engaged and connected to the college in some fashion. We brainstorm creative fundraising strategies to implement through the academic year. I will also be serving on the Nominations Committee this year.

Anthony Palmer '13

Anthony J. Palmer ’13
Career Committee Chair
Phoenix, AZ

Industry: Law

I am in my second term on the BOLD Council. As a member of the Career Committee, I work with my colleagues to help young alumni and current students connect around their areas of interest.

Abdur Rehman '13

Abdur Rehman ’13
Hoboken, NJ

Committee: Career

Maggie Robertson '16

Maggie Robertson ’16*
New York, NY

Industry: Sales
Committee: Outreach

I work on the Outreach Committee in an effort to keep recent alums connected to Gettysburg.

Shane Swink '13

Shane Swink ’13
Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Healthcare
Committee: Outreach

I have worked on the nominations committee to help navigate the new council member process. I also love bringing new ideas to our meetings, and a bit of humor as well.

Kathryn Thompson '15

Kathryn K. Thompson ’15
New York, NY

Industry: Human Resources
Committee: Career

Partner with Gettysburg resources to ensure we're providing career insight and opportunities to current students and alumni!

Marci Zimmerman Henkoff '11

Marci Zimmerman Henkoff ’11
Arnold, MD

Industry: Higher Education
Committee: Career

While on the BOLD Council, I have served as a member of both the career and nominations committees, and also currently act as a BOLD liaison to the Garthwait Leadership Center. In these roles, I strive to promote awareness of the college's professional network and resources as well as leadership development support for the alumni community.

* designates BOLD New City Ambassadors. A New City Ambassador welcomes BOLD alumni who move into their geographic region so that they know they have a Gettysburg connection nearby!