Mandated campus closure

COVID-19 Response information about Governor Wolf’s order to close campus.

Last updated: March 27, 2020

Do faculty understand that not all students have what they need for classes given the College's closure?

Provost Zappe has reminded our faculty that not all students have what they need for classes and encouraged their continuing support of students.

I’ve been approved to stay on campus, can I still stay given the Governor’s orders?

Yes, students who were approved to stay may stay.

I am not comfortable with someone else packing up my things. What should I do?

You may leave your belongings in your rooms and they will remain undisturbed.

Can I still have my things mailed to me?

The mailing process requires College personnel to access rooms, pack boxes, etc. As soon as we are allowed to permit non-essential personnel back on campus, this will be a top priority.

When will I be able to access my belongings?

We will re-open access to the residence halls at a future date to be determined. Please know that we will not disturb your belongings.

I left medication that I need in my room. What should I do?

You should contact the prescribing physician. Let the physician know you need a short term refill. If the medication was prescribed by a nurse practitioner at the Health Center or if the medication is extremely expensive and/or difficult to refill, please contact the Director of the Health Center on campus

I’m still going to campus to gather my belongings. The College has to let me in, right?

We strongly encourage you not to come to campus at this time. We are making these adjustments for the protection of you and your families and our staff to cut down on the social interactions and the spread of the virus.

Is there a way to get an exemption from the Governor to get our belongings?

We have been informed that requests for exemptions are flooding into the Governor’s office. The College has decided that it is in everyone’s best interests of health and safety to comply with the Governor’s order.

Publishers across the country are providing e-book access. Will Gettysburg faculty consider this option?

Inasmuch as the College was compelled to shorten the time in which students can come to campus to retrieve their belongings, we understand that some of our students may not have their course materials. To address this situation, Barnes & Noble has partnered with VitalSource to support students who may have difficulty accessing course materials during this time. Gettysburg College is on the list of eligible institutions who are being provided free access. Use the links in VitalSource Help’s FAQ page to access free, online materials through May 20, 2020.

My instrument is still on campus. What should I do?

If your instrument is stored in Schmucker Hall it is safe and secure. It will become available to you as soon as it is safe for you to travel to the College.