Travel guidance

COVID-19 Response information about travel.

Last updated: March 23, 2020

Are there restrictions on work-related travel?

All non-essential, work-related, off-campus travel, domestic or international, with or without students, is suspended. Any employee who feels that their travel is essential must first be approved by their Vice President or Provost. Once you receive approval, fill out the travel request form and wait for approval.

All College shuttles and rental cars that have been reserved for travel have been suspended. Rental vehicles can be rescheduled pending travel approval.

Are there restrictions on personal travel?
Please proceed with caution for personal travel in areas that are currently affected by COVID-19.
I live in another state that has declared a state of emergency and I commute to and from Gettysburg College for work. Do I have to register my commute as personal travel?
No, at this time, essential staff who must report to work do not have to register your daily work commute as personal travel.