Send Off FAQs

What are Send-Offs?

Send-Offs are gatherings of members of the Gettysburg College community in various locations around the country every year in July and August. The purpose is to welcome the incoming class and their families and to give them the opportunity to meet other Gettysburgians in or near their hometowns.

Who is invited to Send-Offs?

All incoming students and their families, alumni, current students and parents, and faculty and staff members from the College. All members of the Gettysburg College community are welcome.

Why should I attend a Send-Off?

Send-Offs are a terrific way to meet Gettysburgians who live near you. Not only do incoming students and their families get a chance to meet other Gettysburg College students, but they also have the opportunity to meet a wide range of alumni and current parents. Staff members are available to answer questions. Send-Offs are a fun way to connect with others before you arrive on campus.

What if I can't go to the Send-Off nearest to where I live?

You are invited to any of the Send-Offs. Please attend the one that best suits your summer schedule.

What if there isn't a Send-Off near to where I live?

Call the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations at 717-337-6497 or email, and we'll connect you with alumni, current students, and/or current parents in your area who are eager to meet you.

Do I need to register?

Yes. Please register online or by calling 717-337-6497 at least one week in advance of the Send-Off you plan to attend. Three or so days before the Send-Off, you will receive an email reminder which will include further information about the Send-Off you have chosen.

Is there a dress code?

Most people wear smart casual attire, but there is no dress code.