Track 3: Late College Career

Part of J-Term from January 3–14, 2023

Late College Career sessions are designed with senior students in mind, however, any class year is welcome to take any session within the track.

On this page:

Renting and Home Buying

Home is where the heart is! During this session, participants will learn about the process of renting and buying property. Examine commonly used terminology, what to look for when reviewing leases or contracts, and why it is important to get insurance and inspections for your property.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand the renting and home buying process.
  • Learn how to create a personal budget.
  • Decipher the terminology used in the home buying process.
  • Identity the key policies and responsibilities to look out for when renting or buying a home.
  • Gain an appreciation for renters and homeowners insurance.
  • Discover what is covered in most insurance policies.

Upgrading Your Spreadsheets with Google Apps Script

Google has a programming language called Google Apps Script, which is similar to Javascript. This language can be used to extend the capabilities of a normal spreadsheet (using the built-in functions) to complete more complex tasks.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Become familiar with spreadsheet logic.
  • Learn how to save time by automating boring tasks.
  • Practical logic reasoning.

Draw Toast: Design Thinking for Your Everyday Life

Can a simple activity such as drawing how to make toast change the way you think about and approach the big decisions in your life? Join us to find out how simple design exercises can reveal important insights into how we frame ideas, communicate effectively, and solve problems using systems thinking. Students will explore the process of design and systems thinking, while participating in fun, engaging, hands-on activities designed specifically to help unpack complex problems in collaborative, creative, and effective ways.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Analyze the current methods you use for decision making.
  • Examine how design thinking can become an important decision-making tool.
  • Unlock innovative and creative problem-solving techniques.

Making the Most of the Gettysburg Network

Tapping into the Gettysburg network is an excellent way to explore careers, seek opportunities, and build meaningful connections that may lead to jobs, internships, or mentoring relationships. Over 75 percent of internships and jobs are not advertised, so consider how you can make the most of the Gettysburg network with tips and suggestions from the Center for Career Engagement and BOLD Council.

At this interactive event, you will...

  • Gain an understanding of how the hidden job market works and begin to identify ways to increase your social capital.
  • Network with BOLD Council members, hear personal anecdotes, and gain advice from alumni in the field in real time.
  • Plan how you will connect with people you already know, as well as develop new contacts within your field.

Rich Rewards: The Secrets to Becoming “Wealthy”

Successful long-term investing and wealth accumulation have little to do with intellect, but everything to do with behavior and developing sound financial habits. Regardless of occupation or earnings level, becoming wealthy is an achievable goal. Join us as nationally recognized Financial Advisor Kevin J. Smith ’89 and Rod Tosten ’85 discuss how college students are ideally positioned to become high-networth investors. Yet, being “wealthy” is about more than becoming rich. It entails a richness in life—finding purpose, pursuing passions, and appreciating all the things that money can’t buy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Identify financial tools for successful long-term investing and wealth accumulation.
  • Recognize being wealthy isn’t all about money.
  • Implement the use of iGrad, a free financial tool at Gettysburg College.