Views from the 202 podcast

Discussing theories of leadership in light of everyday leadership challenges

Focusing on the crossroads of theory and practice, Views from the 202: Leadership Discussions with the GLC at Gettysburg College, is directed at current and aspiring student leaders who are interested in further pursuing, developing, and refining their leadership knowledge and ability.

Through conversations with student and professional staff at the GLC, in addition to guests, the aim is to discuss a particular theory of leadership in light of a current or everyday dilemma leaders face and offer practical steps for how to grow as individuals and better address situations from a more informed perspective.

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Pre-Launch Episode

Get to know hosts Garrett Glaeser ‘21 and GLC Executive Director Andy Hughes for an in depth preview of Views from the 202: Leadership Discussions with the GLC at Gettysburg College! Hear about how the idea for a GLC podcast came about and what to expect for the upcoming episodes.

July 24, 2020

Episode 1: Leading in Challenging Times Description

Since departing from campus in early March, Gettysburg students have witnessed and experienced some truly challenging times. Hear from Garrett how the men’s lacrosse team navigated a rapidly unraveling COVID-19 situation over spring break and how coaches and team leaders stepped up using self-awareness. Learn about some practical steps to help you and your group navigate the current and next period of difficulty with a reflective and positive attitude. We cover:

July 30, 2020

Episode 2: Adapting to Dynamic Environments

As students return to campus it is important to recognize the dynamic environment we will all experience in the coming weeks. Individual and organization success depends on our ability to adapt to shifting and changing situations. Join hosts Andy and Garrett for a discussion about identifying the context of your organization using the Cynefin Framework. Also, hear how guests Jenna and Perry from the student-run Peace and Justice Council at Gettysburg College are rethinking their leadership styles for the upcoming year. The practical steps we suggest are to use:

  • Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework to assess your environment, as outlined in this Harvard Business Reviewarticle by Dave Snowden and Mary Boone.
  • Using The Rule of Six reflection to understand possible reasons behind your problem, as presented by Judy Brown.

August 12, 2020

Episode 3: Finding Your Flow

Have you ever felt like you were operating at your peak potential? Learn from two recently graduated Gettysburgians Ben Pontz ‘20 and Callie Fucarino ‘20 about their experience with flow - a state of being where you use a high degree of skill to match a sufficiently challenging situation to be at your best. Wrap up with Andy and Garrett to hear about some ways in which you can find out what you’re good at and how to put yourself in situations to find flow. We suggest the following as practical steps:

August 25, 2020

Episode 4: Engaging Your Team Remotely

Most of Gettysburg College has returned home, and now more than ever, the prevalence of virtual classes and meetings have become a part of our everyday lives. Learn the importance of engagement and how to promote meaning through virtual work from regular commentator Andy Hughes, and hear from special guest and expert facilitator Paul Miller, Director of the GLC, on how to prepare and conduct meaningful virtual meetings that have purpose and intentionality. In this episode we refer to research on engagement by Gallup and research on teams by Google. Paul also mentions a virtual white board space called Miro which we recommend for virtual facilitations.

September 18, 2020

Episode 5: Establishing Habit

The importance of effective habits is a mainstay in the leadership field. With reference to Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, learn how establishing good habits can enhance your ability to lead effectively. Hear GLC executive director Andy Hughes interview Music Education major Bridget Haines ‘21 learning about what habits enable her to lead successfully. Conclude with Garrett on some steps that you can take to correct some bad habits in a group setting that will make your projects run smoothly.

Watch this video for more information on habit formation and understanding human behavior.

October 28, 2020

Episode 6: Transformative Thinking

Join Andy, Garrett, and two Class of 2015 alums, Meg Royer and Mike DiCandia, for a reflective discussion on how changing one’s worldview can make disorienting experiences less intimidating, using ideas from Jack Mezirow’s transformative learning theory. Hear also how the GLC has impacted Meg and Mike’s careers and education after their time at Gettysburg. This is in honor of celebrating the GLC’s tenth anniversary in 2020. Interested in learning how to build, participate in, and lead effective teams? Learn more and sign up for the January term experience.

December 17, 2020

Episode 7: Servant Leadership

We kick off the 2021 year with a conversation about an integral theory at the GLC: Servant Leadership. Listen to former GLC Leadership Mentor, Emily Wielk ‘20 walkthrough the servant leadership cycle she crafted along with two other leadership mentor’s (Garrett & Ali Nettles ‘21) as part of their research on the subject last year. Emily has continued her passion for servant leadership in her current role: Project Assistant at the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service and MA Candidate (WGSS and Public Policy) at George Washington University. Host Garrett Glaeser ‘21 and GLC executive director Andy Hughes suggest some simple ways that you can make servant leadership a priority in your daily life.

February 8, 2021

Episode 8: Leadership Transitions

Special guest Dr. Darrien Davenport, Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Assistant Vice President of College Life at Gettysburg, joins Andy and Garrett for an immersive conversation into leadership transitions. Hear how organizations can best prepare themselves in times of change and how you as a leader can help facilitate a positive and seamless transition for the successor of your group or organization.

March 15, 2021

Episode 9: Effective Communication

The importance of clear and effective communication has never been more important than now to keep people informed. Join Andy and Garrett as well as Gettysburg’s Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Jamie Yates for a conversation on what makes for effective communication, how it should be best delivered, and when to convey the right message based on the circumstances of your organization.

April 20, 2021

Episode 10: Recognition Through Reflection

Join us for the final episode of this academic year and season one of the podcast as Andy and Garrett chat with Cindy Wright, Gettysburg’s Director of EES Student Services and Well-Being. Learn about the importance of celebrating teams and how to make each individual feel valued and connected to a greater purpose beyond their work. Thank you for listening to our first season and enjoy the summer!

May 27, 2021