Library Funds and Endowments

Conrad Christian Arensberg Fund

American Civil War

Edward Baskerville Memorial Fund

Fiction, Current Non-Fiction, Browsing Room

Book Conservation Fund

Conservation, Preservation, Book Arts Program in Special Collections

Class of 1911 Fund

All Subjects, Library Services

Thomas Y. Cooper Fund

Literature, American History

A. Bruce Denny Memorial Fund

All Subjects, Library Services

Karen Drickamer Fund

Special Collections

Mike '69 and Nancy Hobor Fund


Robert Franklin Holley Preservation Fund

Conservation and preservation of materials

Sotaro Ishii Fund

Japan, Japanese Language 

G. Kenneth and Mary Newbould Fund

Oral History

Robert C. "Bob" Nordvall Fund

Italian Language and Culture

Edred J. and Ruth Pennell Fund

Political Science, Management, Economics

Louis and Claudia Schatanoff Fund


Kenneth L. Smoke Fund


Laura M. Stoever Alcove Fund

All Subjects, Library Services

Stephen H. Warner Fund

Southeast Asia, Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution

Donald Weiser Fund


Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Zimmerman Fund

All Subjects, Library Services


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