Janet '39 and George Maharay Endowment

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American History

About the Donor

C. Edward Maharay established the endowment in 2014 in memory of his parents Janet (Hancock) '39 and George.


“I hope this gift will pay tribute to my Mother and Dad,” says Maharay. “In particular, I want to recognize Mother's quiet Quaker heritage and her love of books and Dad's love of American history. More than anything I wanted them to be seen together again. I hope the fund will keep their memory alive while at the same time providing meaningful tools and resources to future students and scholars.”

Prior to establishing this endowment, Maharay has long supported acquisitions in American history and Special Collections with annual gifts. Read more in the Friends of Musselman Library newsletter:

Read more about Maharay family gifts in the Friends of Musselman Library Newsletter:

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