Previous Winners' Speeches

To view the speech of a previous Lincoln Prize winner, click on their name.

2017: James B. Conroy

2016: Martha Hodes

2015: Harold Holzer

2014: Allen C. Guelzo and Martin P. Johnson

2013: James Oakes

2012: William C. Harris and Elizabeth D. Leonard

2011: Eric Foner

2010: Michael Burlingame

2009: Craig Symonds and James McPherson

2008: James Oakes and Elizabeth Brown Pryor

2007: Douglas L. Wilson

2006: Doris Kearns Goodwin

2005: Allen C. Guelzo

2004: Richard J. Carwardine

2003: George C. Rable

2002: David Blight

2001: Russell F. Weigley

2000: John Hope Franklin and Loren Schweninger and Allen C. Guelzo

1999: Douglas L. Wilson

1998: Jim McPherson

1997: Don Fehrenbacher

1996: David Donald

1995: Phillip Shaw Paludan

1994: (co-winners) Ira Berlin, Barbara Fields, Steven Miller, Joseph Reidy, Leslie Rowland

1993: Kenneth Stampp

1992: William S. McFeely and Charles Royster

1991: Ken Burns