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Gettysburg College mentioned in Forbes #MyTopCollege week two recap

Two weeks into the Forbes #MyTopCollege contest, Gettysburg College made the national leaderboard for social media posts entered into the contest on its behalf. Forbes highlighted some of the contest coverage in a weekly recap.

From Forbes:

The University of Central Oklahoma has given a strong showing for the Southwest, with inspiring submissions from students on its cheerleading squad. Ouachita Baptist University and Mississippi State University have really helped out the Southeast. Bryant University and the University of New Hampshire remain the ringleaders in New England, although we’d love to see more representation from the many, many top colleges in the region. We refuse to believe Ivy League brainiacs and progressive school hipsters are too cool to be sincere about their school.

Regional upsets include Franciscan University of Steubenville’s rise over Michigan State University in the Midwest, as well as Gettysburg College’s ascent over Saint Lawrence University in the Mid-Atlantic.

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Gettysburg College mentioned in Forbes #MyTopCollege recap

Three weeks into the Forbes #MyTopCollege social media contest, Gettysburg College continued to hold its national rank. Forbes discussed the College's participation in the contest in its week three recap.

From Forbes:

Halfway through this year’s #MyTopCollege campaign, we have received over 5,000 submissions from students, schools and alumni eager to share their best experiences and college spirit. As we move into the final weeks of the competition, it’s been great to see more and more schools entering.

This week, we had notable showings from the University of Central Oklahoma, Franciscan University, Grand Valley State University and Butler University. Gettysburg College made an impressive leap, moving into the top ten after nearly zero submissions in week one.

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Gettysburg College mentioned in Forbes #MyTopCollege week 4 recap

After four weeks of their #MyTopCollege social media contest, Forbes announced that Gettysburg College was ranked fourth in the nation amongst the 250 colleges and universities that were participating in the contest.

From Forbes:

Finishing up the fourth week of the Forbes’ second annual #MyTopCollege campaign, submissions have been pouring in: a whopping 5,867 in total from around the country. The aim is to call-out the rock star schools with massive momentum of school spirit, as told by their students and alumni through Twitter TWTR -6.90% and Instagram.

We are entering the final week of the campaign, which began on June 22. Many schools are continuing to get involved, and there’s still plenty of time to be in the running for the crown. In fact, this year we are crowning three #MyTopCollege winners – one small, medium and large school – on Tueday, July 28.

Schools are continuing to get involved even as we enter the last few weeks. This past week, several schools such as the University of Central Oklahoma (up a spot to No. 6), San Diego State University (No. 7) and Butler University (up several spots to No. 20), kept up strong momentum. Gettysburg College continued its impressive run, and moved up another spot to No. 4 overall, with Colorado State University down one place despite good submission numbers. Grand Valley State University and Michigan State University end the week tied as No. 9.

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Forbes announces Gettysburg College as #MyTopCollege winner

After the six week-long #MyTopCollege social media contest, Forbes announced on their website that Gettysburg College won the mid-sized school award. The contest took into consideration both the quantity and the quality of submissions from students, alums, parents, faculty, and administrators from various social media platforms.

From Forbes:

So what makes a school a winning #MyTopCollege? Colleges were described as launching points for internship opportunities and professional careers. Students shared their incredible study abroad experiences in countries like France, New Zealand and Vietnam.  Professors and classmates shared stories of friendship.

School pride undoubtedly showed itself through athletic team spirit, especially through football and basketball pride, and even volleyball. We saw unreal campus shots at schools like Pepperdine University, the College of William and Mary and Lehigh University. We were touched by heartfelt photos of graduation ceremonies and even weddings. It’s clear that what students take away from college extends far beyond a university’s PR selling points—for many, the friendships and communities formed matter more.

After almost shuttering earlier this year, Sweet Briar College came out with an incredible showing of #MyTopCollege submissions, with dozens of current and former students tweeting about the community the college has provided for them. They are the clear winner among small schools. Last year’s champion, California State University, Fullerton, returned as a strong front runner and remained the most active large school in our campaign. Gettysburg College joined later on in the campaign, and blew us away with amazing photo submissions, using Instagram better than any other school.

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Gettysburg College makes Washington Post list of Colleges that don't require the SAT

The Washington Post included Gettysburg College in a list of over 180 colleges and universities that do not require the SAT or the ACT when making admission decisions.

From the Washington Post:

George Washington University in the Washington, D.C. is the newest major school to drop its requirement that most freshman applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admissions purposes, according to this story by my Post colleague Nick Anderson, joining a list of more than 850 accredited, bachelor-degree granting schools (out of about 3,000 in the United States).

Of that group, some schools don’t require any students to submit scores, others exempt those students with specific GPA and class rank statistics, and still others require the test scores for the purposes of class placement or other non-admissions reasons.

Here is a list of 181 leading colleges and universities that have changed their requirements on submitting ACT and SAT college admissions test scores. 

FairTest Public Education Director Bob Schaeffer said that growing number of test-optional schools “recognizes that no test—not the SAT, old or new, nor the ACT – is needed for high-quality admissions.”

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Incoming student featured in Southern California's The Press Democrat

Jocelyne Santibañez '19 was featured in the Press Democrat for her academic accomplishments through a San Francisco based program called Summer Search.

From the Press Democrat:

Three years ago, Jocelyne Santibañez, as a first-generation American and incoming high school sophomore, would not have considered herself a leader.

But now, she says she very much feels like one. That’s after she overcame her fears of being in front of big crowds to be a rally commissioner at El Molino High School, traveled to Mexico to help a small village repair its soccer fields, and earned a scholarship to attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania in the fall. That step will make her the first in her family to attend a four-year college.

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Shirley Anne Warshaw reappointment announced in the Gettysburg Times

The Gettysburg Times shared the news that Professor of Political Science Shirley Anne Warshaw was reappointment to the Harold G. Evans '28 Professorship of Eisenhower Leadership Studies.

From the Gettysburg Times:

Gettysburg College Professor of Political Science Shirley Anne Warshaw has been reappointed to the Harold G. Evans '28 Professorship of Eisenhower Leadership Studies. This reappointment, which is effective at the start of the upcoming academic year, will enable Warshaw to continue her work with Gettysburg College's Eisenhower Institute.

"I have had the privilege over the past three years of working with Jeffrey Blavatt and the team at the Eisenhower Institute with the Undergraduate Fellows program," Warshaw stated. "Each year has provided us different opportunities and new programs. As we move into the new 2015-2016 academic year, the Undergraduate Fellows will be tackling domestic and international energy policy, about which we are all excited. The possibilities are endless."

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