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Prof. Bill Bowman authors op-ed on Trump and Putin for RealClearWorld

History professor and Eastern European affairs expert Bill Bowman authored an op-ed about what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for Russian leader Vladmir Putin. The op-ed was published by RealClearWorld.

From RealClearWorld:

In less than a year, Donald Trump has moved from crass outsider to the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. How could a candidate who seemed so unlikely not too long ago possibly become the next president of the United States? 

Many things about Trump just do not seem to add up. But there is one aspect of the Trump phenomenon that is entirely rational: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s open admiration for the Republican frontrunner. To the Russian leader, a Trump presidency is a win-win-win scenario. Having long ago abandoned any pretense of creating a healthy political culture in Russia, Putin feeds off crises -- especially geopolitical difficulties -- that allow him to maintain or enhance his authoritarian hold.

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Prof. Guelzo featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Professor Allen Guelzo writes a piece titled, "Great Emancipator was radical of his day".

From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong,” Abraham Lincoln said in 1864. “I can not remember when I did not so think, and feel.”

Yet there has always been doubt about just how great an emancipator he really was. Why did he wait for two years into his presidency to issue his Emancipation Proclamation? And why didn’t that Proclamation free all the 3.9 million African-Americans then held in bondage?

The answers rest in Lincoln himself. But we know he thought of slavery primarily as an economic injustice rather than a racial one. It forced people into labor they had not chosen, and took from them what that labor produced.

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Political Science prof. quoted in Bloomberg

Political Science prof. Shirley Anne Warshaw was quoted in an article published by Bloomberg about campaign promises.

From Bloomberg:

A number of Republicans rationalize Donald Trump's proposals on immigration and trade as just political show. Similarly, some free-trade Democrats suggest that Hillary Clinton's protectionist stance is merely rhetoric.

They are deluded. Academic research and recent history show that newly elected presidents try to hew closely to their campaign commitments.

"New presidents actually believe they have a mandate, feel empowered," says Shirley Anne Warshaw, a presidential scholar at Gettysburg College. "There is no reason to think it would be any different this time."

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Alum reflects on College experience in

Bob Shryock '57 reflected on his experience at Gettysburg in an article for


My freshman year at Gettysburg College had ended, mercifully, on a rainy spring afternoon in 1957, and I was packing in my old dorm room, which had been used as a Civil War hospital during one of the war's bloodiest battles. It seemed apropos, much like Gen. Pickett's charge into oblivion.

I had unsuccessfully waged my own Gettysburg battle and was taking stock of my hideous performance as I awaited Dad's arrival from home to pick me up and deposit me at the club for summer lifeguard duties.

What had seemed somewhat funny, a grade point average that rivaled Bob Gibson's microscopic earned run average, was no longer a hoot. I'd ridiculed myself over the sub-1.00 GPA (three-point system) and instead applauded my prowess at the pool table and as a member of Team Frisbee as if it were actually funny.

Four subjects did me in as a frosh: Contemporary Civilization, Bible,  Economics and Spanish. What, only four? I blame CC problems on the sheer weight of the book, about 10 pounds' worth and four inches thick. I could have used a caddy to help get me from class to class. And CC proved what everyone knew - my reading comprehension was woefully non-existent.

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Associate Director of Communications featured in Nonprofit Communications Report

Associate Director of Communications Mike Baker was featured in Nonprofit Communications Report about how to repurpose content. The report is a monthly communications between nonprofit communications, marketing, and public relations professionals.

From NCR:

When your organization is fortunate enough to be linked to a fantastic story, it’s important to leverage that content as much as possible. Social media has generated avenues for sharing and repurposing content in exciting new ways, but limited staff and budgets keep nonprofit communications teams creative.

“That’s where repurposing comes in,” says Mike Baker, associate director of communications at Gettysburg College (Gettysburg, PA). “We need to continue to tell great stories — stories that advance our brands and encourage advocates to take action — but we also need to ensure we’re getting the greatest return on investment for our team’s time and energy.”

Baker encourages nonprofits to think about repurposing in two ways. “First, consider the content your team has produced that you can use in a new way, and second, identify the content that already exists outside of your organization that will reinforce your brand messaging,” Baker offers his tips for repurposing content in a way that’s fresh and engaging.

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College featured in NBC's "Salute to the Graduates"

Footage from Gettysburg College's 181st Commencement ceremony was included in NBC's 2016 "Salute to the Graduates." The segment was aired on Nightly News with Lester Holt.

The segment can be viewed on the NBC website.

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Executive Director of Communications and Marketing published in Inside Higher Ed

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Paul Redfern '00 authored an op-ed about branding in higher education that was published by Inside Higher Ed.

From Inside Higher Ed:

In contrast to many colleges, Gettysburg has implemented a brand and is proud to talk about it.

Recent Inside Higher Ed articles from Ellen Wexler and Michael Stoner on college branding prompted some thoughtful reactions and debate. But what I found most interesting was the lack of positive examples of brand development by colleges and universities. A well-conceived brand is rooted in institutional reality and outlives those who created it.

I believe that Gettysburg College, my institution, can tell that story. Our brand has thrived for more than a decade: it’s well into a third Presidency and second CMO.

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