NEH co-sponsored teacher workshop mentioned in South Jersey Times

The "On Hallowed Ground: Gettysburg in History and Memory" workshop, co-sponsored by the College and the National Endowment for the Humanities and led by education Prof. Dave Powell, was featured in a July 18 South Jersey Time column.

From the South Jersey Times:

"Earlier this summer, Mr. Parrish participated in a workshop in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, entitled 'On Hallowed Ground: Gettysburg in History and Memory.'

"The one-week program was co-sponsored by NEH and Gettysburg College and is directed by Dave Powell, a professor of education at the college.

"The workshop relies heavily on site visits to the battlefields surrounding Gettysburg and was led by a stable of scholars recognized for their contributions to the study of Gettysburg, including two-time Lincoln Prize-winning author Allen C. Guelzo.

"'Our primary goal in this workshop is to help teachers deepen their understanding of the legacy of the battle of Gettysburg," Powell said, "but we're also interested in helping them broaden their awareness of how history can be used in schools to promote engaged, active citizenship and to increase understanding of social and political issues.'

"'Gettysburg is such an important place, not only because of what happened here, but also because of how we remember what happened here.

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