Senior pens travel column for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Anna Lipowitz '14 wrote a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer about her study abroad experience. While she is spending the semester in Milan, Italy, her column focused on a weekend trip she took to Marrakech, Morocco. The column was published on February 10.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

When I felt the plane lift off from Philadelphia International Airport, I knew I was embarking on an incredible adventure. My destination was Milan, Italy, where I would begin my semester abroad. Little did I know that a weekend trip to Africa would be in my future. On April 29, 2013, my friends and I boarded a plane to Marrakech, Morocco, for one exciting, moving weekend.

I fell in love with Marrakech: its beautiful, charming people, the endless piles of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, the warm, soothing scents emanating from tea stands, the gorgeous, colorful lanterns lighting every roof. The liveliness of the street musicians and snake charmers was incredibly enticing, as was the approachability of the vendors. Marrakech is unlike anything I have ever seen, and the people were the friendliest I encountered while abroad.

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