Gettysburg College partnership with Bucknell, Dickinson, mentioned in University Business

In the September issue of University Business, an article discussing the need for higher education succession plans mentioned a program partnership between Gettysburg College, Dickinson College, and Bucknell University that accomplishes just that. 

The program is called the Higher Education Leadership Institute of Central Pennsylvania and was created last September to prepare key administrators and institutional leaders to deal with the complexities of working in higher education.

From University Business:

Succession planning doesn’t have to be a solitary effort by a college or university. Consider Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, which joined forces last September with nearby Bucknell University and Dickinson College to create the Higher Education Leadership Institute of Central Pennsylvania.

“The overview of the program was a multi-institutional initiative designed to help prepare administrative leaders from these three schools in addressing the complex challenges facing higher education,” says Jennifer Lucas, codirector of HR at Gettysburg College. “Each school identified as many as five participants, essentially key administrators, and each college offered a different program.”

Gettysburg, for instance, hired a consultant who was an expert in Civil War leadership. Lucas says participants toured the Gettysburg battlefield and discussed the competencies of war leaders. The 14 participants were also required to read leadership books throughout the year. They received three coaching sessions and developed career action plans.

“This is our first step,” says Lucas. “There are certainly some challenges to doing this from a resource perspective, but there are ways to deal with challenges that are doable even for small institutions.”

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