Russell's facial contrast research appears in Allure

Psychology Prof. Richard Russell's facial contrast research was featured in a June 25 Allure magazine article about bleached eyebrows.

From Allure:

Speaking of scientific studies, there actually is one that suggests having darker brows makes you look younger. A few months ago, Richard Russell, an assistant professor of psychology at Gettysburg College, published a study in the journal Plos One that looked at the correlation between age perception and facial contrast. He showed volunteers images of women with varying degrees of digitally manipulated color difference between their skin and their eyes, lips, and brows. When the features were more defined, the face was rated as younger 93 percent of the time. "Our study didn't focus on one feature in particular," said Russell, "but we observed that brow color fades very clearly over time and may have a large impact on how old you look." There you have it folks: Bleach your eyebrows and you've just put yourself in a time machine—to the future.

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