Pres. Riggs writes Huffington Post piece on cost/value of a liberal arts education

President Janet Morgan Riggs wrote a Feb. 26 piece for the Huffington Post providing a cost/value analysis of a liberal arts education. 

From the Huffington Post:

Can the poor and middle class afford an education at a private liberal arts college? And is it a wise investment?

What a shame that news stories about the high costs of college lead many to think that the answer to these questions is no. Not only is a liberal arts education not as expensive as news stories lead us to believe, but there may be no better investment in America today.

According to CNN/Money's interpretation of data provided by Peterson's Guides, the average annual student cost of attending my institution, Gettysburg College, after receipt of grants and scholarships, is $25,400, making the average four-year cost $107,800. That sounds like a lot of money. However, this is significantly less than the "sticker price," thanks to alumni, parents, and friends who believe so strongly in the value of a Gettysburg education that they help support those students who could not afford to attend otherwise.

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