Gettysburg College study mentioned in Healthy Living article

In an article for about fashion and makeup mistakes that make people look older, a study conducted by Gettysburg College faculty and students was mentioned. The study found that just as too much makeup can make one look older, so can not enough. 


So now you know that too much eye or lip color can make you look older-but so can not enough, according to a 2013 study from Gettysburg College. When volunteers were asked to compare pictures of human faces, they rated those with more facial contrast as looking younger. Darker lips, eyes, and eyebrows seemed to make the most difference, say the researchers, possibly because lips tend to get thinner and eyebrows tend to turn gray as a person ages. A good makeup application will pump up a person's natural contrast, says Ping, darkening the eyes and lips (and filling in thinned out eyebrows) without being too obvious or over-the-top.

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