EI's Norris Fellow writes book review for Dallas Morning News

The Eisenhower Institute's Norris Fellow of Public Policy Kasey Pipes wrote a June 28 book review in the Dallas Morning News.

From the DMN:

“Independence: The Tangled Roots of the American Revolution,” by Thomas P. Slaughter

Every man possesses a myth, Yeats wrote, that if we knew it “would make us understand all that he did and thought.”

This is true of not only historical figures but historical events. Part of the task of the historian is to navigate the reader through the mists of the past and arrive at a new place of understanding. Thomas Slaughter has done just that with his new interpretation of the American Revolution, Independence: The Tangled Roots of the American Revolution. The book takes the reader beyond the familiar area of what happened in the revolution and instead focuses on the less familiar areas of why.

In Slaughter’s telling, the American colonies functioned as independent long before they became a nation. To Slaughter, the roots of the American Revolution began more than a century earlier as the British empire increasingly reigned supreme in many areas of the world. An inherent tension existed with the American colonies almost from the beginning, he writes. “Colonists continued to strive for independence within the empire, while British administrators continued to believe that the colonists were aiming at independence from the empire.”

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