Prof Guelzo mentioned on The Atlantic

In an article published on November 26, a writer for The Atlantic questions whether a college can encourage deeper religious faith amongst its students. This article cites work published by Civil War Era Studies Professor Allen Guelzo regarding the future of faith based institutions of higher education.

From The Atlantic:

They [the Catholic-leaning magazine First Things] also offered separate lists of the “Most Catholic Catholic Schools” (Ave Maria University), “Least Catholic Catholic Schools” (DePaul University), “Best Seriously Protestant Schools” (Wheaton), and a few others. If these categories sound ludicrous, they are probably not for you. To a significant minority of college shoppers, though, these are reasonable things to consider, and useful things to rank.

Others have compiled similar lists, although none seem to have performed original survey work. Allen Guelzo, a Civil War scholar at Gettysburg College, published a fine list of top evangelical colleges a few years ago in an article that fretted about their future.

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