Epoch Times features Gettysburg Fest

The Epoch Times featured the Gettysburg Fest, which takes place at the College, on June 12.

From the Epoch Times:

It was the battle that turned the tide for the Confederate States of America. General Robert E. Lee’s gamble was lost in three days fighting in the orchards and fields of this pastoral Pennsylvania hamlet during July 1863. The southern forces were not defeated. They retreated from the field. Both sides suffered great loss and casualties. Yet with Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg the hope of a fast settlement of the war of secession ended. Fighting would continue as the South hemorrhaged slowly until Lee’s eventual surrender at Appomatox Courthouse, Virginia on April 9, 1865.

Each year Gettysburg hosts a festival that brings the arts in all its forms together for a week in June. Visitors are treated to fine food, art shows, music, dance and free concerts. The sprawling campus of Gettysburg College is host to many music events. The town opens its doors to many more. Adams County becomes an open air venue for many fringe events that welcome visitors to enjoy the beginning of summer.

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