College mentioned in Stamford Advocate article about Gettysburg

Pennsylvania Hall was mentioned as the site of a Civil War hospital in a July 30 Stamford Advocate article about Gettysburg.

From the Advocate:

The battlefield where 150,000 Americans fought each other for three days in July 1863 is open to the public throughout the year, and there is no admission charge to drive around and walk on terrain studded with many monuments and historical markers. The sites of the famously fierce hand-to-hand combat on a hill called Little Round Top on the second day of the battle and Confederate General George Pickett's disastrous "charge" into the middle of the heavily-defended Union line on the third are just south of the village. On the lovely campus of Gettysburg College, majestic, old Pennsylvania Hall, which was used as a hospital during the battle, still stands. One of my favorite places in Gettysburg is Barlow Knoll on a remote patch of battlefield just north of the college where a monument honors the 17th Connecticut Volunteers, known as the "Fairfield County Regiment," which served with valor in the opening hours of the first day's fighting.

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