College's historical app featured in Washington Post

The Gettysburg College: Witness to History historical app, which was released in conjunction with the Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg, was featured in a July 3 Washington Post article.

From the Post:

If you’re a prospective student touring Gettysburg College, you might download the Gettysburg College app, also built by History Associates for the school, which tells you where on campus major Civil War events took place. Even if you aren’t physically there, you might get just a virtual tour of major landmarks on your iPhone or Android.

History Associates President Brian Martin is an alumnus of Gettysburg College, and was drawn the school partly because of its proximity to the battlefield. His company — comprised of historians, archivists and museum professionals — began its own history in 1981 when its four founders were tapped by the government to work on a written account of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, and the Energy Department’s response to the disaster. For the past few decades, a large chunk of the small firm’s revenue has come from publishing history books, often for corporate clients’ anniversary celebrations.

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