All Sources and Experts

Africana Studies and History
Scott Hancock

African American experience from the mid-17th century to just before the Civil War.

Steve James

Biochemistry, molecular biology, DNA, genetics, cancer research

Timothy Funk

Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Civil War Era Studies
Allen Guelzo

Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, emancipation and slavery

Civil War Institute
Ian Isherwood

Twentieth century British history and World War I

Civil War Institute
Peter Carmichael

19th Century United States history, Civil War and Reconstruction

Chris Fee

Poverty, homelessness, Old Norse, and British, Medieval & Indo-European Mythology

Environmental Studies
Rutherford Platt

Land use and cover change, wildfire hazard, forest ecology and management in the western U.S.

Film Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies
James Udden

History of cinema, video production, film theory, and film aesthetics

Michael Birkner

American history, Dwight Eisenhower, James Buchanan, 20th Century American politics

Darren Glass

Cryptography, Coding Theory, Probability & Statistics, Baseball Statistics

Steve Gimbel

Philosophy, ethics, scientific/political/religious/philosophical connections, Grateful Dead, humor

Dan DeNicola

Liberal arts education, ethics, emotion theory, ancient philosophy, knowledge/ignorance, J. S. Mill

Peter Pella

Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Science, Technology, and Nuclear Weapons

Political Science
Shirley Anne Warshaw

The American Presidency, White House Staff, the President's Cabinet

Nathalie Goubet

Olfactory development, cross-modal associations, disgust

Richard Russell

Facial recognition and attractiveness, aesthetics and visual preference

Steve Siviy

Behavioral neuroscience, statistics, psychopharmacology

Religious Studies and Philosophy
Stephen Stern

Middle East (Israel & Syria)

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