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The Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy (FERPA) protects your education records (academic and financial), so they remain confidential between you and Gettysburg College. The level of your parent(s), caregiver(s), or sponsor(s) involvement in your educational journey during your time at Gettysburg is based on your communicated authorization. If you would like a parent(s), caregiver(s), or sponsor(s) to have access to your records or be able to discuss information in your records with appropriate Gettysburg College personnel, please contact Academic Advising at academic_advising@gettysburg.edu.

What is it?

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In compliance with FERPA, Gettysburg College is prohibited from providing certain information from your student records to a third party.

What are education records?

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The term “education records” is defined as those records that contain information directly related to a student and which are maintained by an educational agency or institution or by a party acting for the agency or institution.

Who has access to student records?


The student, student designated person(s) and persons employed by Gettysburg College in administrative, supervisory, academic, research or support staff positions, members of the Board of Trustees, or persons employed by or under contract to perform a special task, such as attorneys or auditors performing tasks that are specified in their position descriptions or by a contractual agreements.

Who can be a designated person?

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Anyone the student chooses. Typically, this is a parent, guardian, spouse, or sponsor.

How can I give someone access?

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Please contact Academic Advising at academic_advising@gettysburg.edu.

How do I grant access?

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Please contact Academic Advising at academic_advising@gettysburg.edu.

What records will be shared?


Only records selected and Designees can be added/removed.

What records can be viewed?

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  • Academic Record
  • Advisor Information
  • Class Schedule
  • Exam Schedule
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades
  • Planner
  • Shopping Cart