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Due to the ongoing extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academic Policy and Program Committee supports the continued use of the modified Incomplete (INC) and No Grade (NG) process implemented during Spring 2020. If you are considering INC/NG grade(s) for a student(s), please follow the guidance provided and remember to adhere to deadlines.

Please note:

The Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services supports faculty in their decision to give a student an INC or NG when extenuating circumstances (e.g., sickness, a recent death in the immediate family, serious personal problems, or other circumstance of equal gravity) prevents completion of course requirements by the end of the semester.

  1. The Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services will not document or maintain INC/NG agreements made between the student(s) and faculty.
  • Arrangements need to be accessible to staff in the Provost’s Office, Office of the Registrar and the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services. Please use the INC and NG tool in PeopleSoft to comprehensively document arrangements.
  1. This semester, the College is waiving the usual medical documentation and authorization requirements for INC and NGs. Faculty are encouraged to continue to use their best judgment as they consider a student’s situation or circumstances.
  • If a student provides documentation (e.g., medical and/or mental health), please have them forward it to the appropriate office (e.g., Health and Counseling Services).
  1. If you will be unable to collect and/or grade a student’s work beyond the end of the semester, discuss this with your department chair and the Provost’s Office to make arrangements for someone else to grade the work. Include any specific arrangements in the documentation required below.

End of semester grading options:

Submitting a grade: If a student has done sufficient work to complete the course by the December 15th grading deadline, assign a letter grade on your grade roster as usual.

  • If the grade is below C-, please log a D/F report to document the circumstances that resulted in that grade. This information is useful to students when they reflect on the semester and their academic performance, will inform the end of semester work of the Academic Standing Committee, and may be helpful in the event of a grade appeal.

Incompletes: If you have made arrangements with a student to turn in work after the grade deadline (even if it is just a few days or a week), enter an INC in your grade roster and log an INC report in PeopleSoft to document the terms and deadline.

  • The standard deadline for INC is two weeks into the spring semester (i.e., the last day to drop/add or change grading option), February 12th. However, faculty are strongly encouraged to advise students to complete and submit work as early as possible.
  • When students submit work, faculty have two weeks past the drop/add deadline to submit their final grades to the Office of the Registrar. Final grades should be emailed to Faculty cannot change a student’s grade on their grade roster after the end of the semester.

Graduating Seniors and Incompletes: Seniors completing their degree requirements in December can still be offered the INC option, if needed.

  • If a senior is unable to complete the work by the standard INC deadline, the student may petition the Academic Standing Committee to extend their graduation date to May to complete the work during the spring semester.

NGs are to be logged ONLY under the following two circumstances:

  1. If you have been unable to reach a student(s) to make arrangements for them to complete outstanding coursework that will enable them to pass your class, take the following actions following:
  • enter a NG on your grade roster, and
  • complete a NG report in PeopleSoft to explain what work is outstanding and your efforts to communicate with the student.

The Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services will help faculty work with a student to make arrangements to complete the course. Once arrangements have been made, the goal is for faculty to convert NGs to grades or INCs.

  1. If you have a possible end-of-semester Honor Code violation concern that you would like to be investigated, complete the following actions:
  1. enter a NG in your grade roster,
  2. complete a NG report to document the concern, and
  3. contact the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services to communicate your Honor Code violation concern so an investigation can begin.


If you have questions about an individual student or their circumstances and which of these end-of-semester grading options is appropriate, please contact your department chair, divisional dean, or the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services.