Pre-Orientation Program for Lincoln Scholars

Lincoln Scholars 2022-23 Preorientation Schedule

Please note that the schedule is subject to change (due to inclement weather, Covid, logistics, etc). Notification will be provided in advance.

Date/Time Location Activity
8/21 (8:30-1:30) Mentees move in
8/21 (2-3) The Attic Welcome from Pres. Iuliano/Reception for families
8/21 (3:15-4:30) Around campus Campus Scavenger Hunt/tour
8/21 (5:30-6:30) Servo Dinner
8/21 (6-7) Meet at Chapel Walk through town to Mr. G's (students will be expected to pay for their ice cream)- optional
8/21 (7-7:45-8) Soldier's National Cemetery Taps at the Gettysburg National Cemetery* (optional but highly recommended- a moving and unique Gettysburg experience)
8/22 (8-9:30) Servo Breakfast
8/22 (9:30-11:30 Meet outside Servo Civil War Institute Battlefield Program
8/22 (12-1/1:30) The Atrium Faculty Lunch/Panel (focusing mostly on the humanities)
8/22 (2-6) Free Time
8/22 (2-6) Up to Mentors Walk to classrooms with Mentors (optional)
8/22 (6-7) Servo Dinner/td>
8/22 (7-9) Penn Hall Stairs Capture the Flag game with the International Students Preorientation (optional)
8/23 (8-9:30) Servo Breakfast
8/23 (9:00-10:30) Meet at Chapel Get to know the town of Gettysburg(optional)
8/23 (10:30-11:15) Bowen Auditorium Study Abroad Student Panel
8/23 (11:30-12:15) Bowen Auditorium Research Student Panel
8/23 (12:30-1:30) The Atrium Faculty Lunch/Panel (focusing mostly on the sciences)
8/23 (2-4) Around Campus Academic Opportunity Sessions: Gettysburg College Special Collections* and the Planetarium
8/23 (7-10) Attic Attic Party with International Students Preorientation

* For the sake of planning our programming, please give me your name if you are interested in attending the Taps ceremony at the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

This ceremony is a nightly program in the summers and is one of the most touching and beautiful ways to honor the lives lost here at Gettysburg and the other soldiers laid to rest in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. It is highly recommended that you experience it at least once during your time here!

** The visit to Special Collections will be limited to the first forty students to give their names to the Lincoln Scholars program. If you are interested, please sign up at

We are developing some optional alternative programming for those students who are unable or not interested in attending the Special Collections visit, TBD.

Every student will be able to attend a session at the Planetarium!