Staff Responsibilities

Anne Bucher Lane, - Dean of Academic Advising
Directs and supervises all functions of Academic Advising; Academic Standing Committee; Support for Junior Students

Jennifer Cole, - Associate Dean of Academic Advising
Support for Students with Disabilities and Senior Students; Honor Commission

Hannah KS Sollenberger,
- Assistant Dean of Academic Advising
Support for Students with Academic Accommodations and First Year and Sophomore Students; Academic Standing Committee; Academic Coach

Noelle Billand, - Administrative Assistant
Assists with Learning Disabilities, Academic Accommodations, Academic Standing Committee, Academic Progress Reports, Midterm and Final Reports, Academic Advising Budgets and Academic Support Technology

Carol Simpson, - Administrative Assistant
Assists with Honor Commission, Dean’s Lists, Faculty Advising Program, Incompletes, Leaves of Absence, Withdrawals and Readmissions; Upperclass Mailings; Dean’s Reception

Katherine Mattson, - Coordinator
Health Professions Advising

Dustin Smith, - Coordinator
Peer Learning Associates Program

Ben Bruce, - Coordinator
Pre-Business Advising

Tiffany Kurzawa, - Coordinator
Pre-Law Advising

Scott Boddery, 
Pre-Law Advising