Staff Responsibilities

Keira Kant,
Dean, Center for Student Success
Maureen Forrestal,
Interim Dean -
supports Senior Students and oversees the Lincoln Scholars Program.
Hannah KS Sollenberger,

Associate Dean of Center for Student Success. Supports Students with Disabilities and the Accommodations Process, Supports First-Year and Sophomore Students; Oversees Academic Coaches and Academic Support Process; Manages Academic Progress and Midterm and Final Reports; Academic Standing Committee.

Renica Minott, Ed.D.,

Assistant Dean of Center for Student Success. Oversees services for Students with Disabilities and Accommodations; Supports Junior Students; ADA Committee.

Tamra Martin,

Senior Administrative Assistant. Assists with Honor Commission, Dean’s Lists, Faculty Advising Program, Incompletes, Leaves of Absence, Withdrawals and Readmissions; Upperclass Mailings; Dean’s Reception.