Accommodations for Online Learning

Frequently asked questions

Will my IEAP still be honored?

Yes – Your accommodation plan will still be active and implemented during the distance learning environment. We can provide electronic copies to you if needed.

Will I still get extra time on my exams?

Yes – Your professor and the IT department will work together to coordinate the best practice when it comes to accommodating extended time on exams and quizzes. 

I have the accommodation of having a copy of classmate’s notes – will I continue to receive these?

Yes and this will continue to be coordinated through your professor. The process for getting the notes to you may change, but you will still receive a copy.

I feel that I may need additional accommodations during the distance learning format – what do I do?

The accommodation process will not change on our end. If a student feels that an additional accommodation is needed they will go through the request process and – if indicated – will provide new supporting documentation. Once reviewed, if warranted, the new accommodation will be added to the IEAP.

I receive weekly or biweekly Academic Coaching – will this continue?

Yes – If you currently meet with an Academic Coach, this service will continue via phone call or video chat (whatever your preference) during your scheduled day and time. If time zone differences affect your normal scheduling, we will work with to find an alternate time that will work for you.

What if I need to speak with someone? Will the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services be available during the remainder of the semester?

YES!! Our office is currently open during normal business hours (8 am- 4:30 pm) and we are available by phone and email during this time. If you need to arrange to speak to someone outside of our normal hours because of time zone differences, please submit an appointment request and we will arrange a time to speak with you. If we move to working from home, you can still reach us by phone/email.

Make an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with one of the Deans, please complete an appointment request and we will set up a phone call (or video call if you prefer) with the appropriate person who may best answer your questions or concerns.

Additional resources can be found on the college website in regards to distance learning and the Coronavirus, on the Academic Advising and Student Support Services webpage, as well as in the article “Remote Learning and College Students with Learning Disabilities”.

For Faculty with questions about implementing extended time accommodation in Moodle, please contact Sharon Birch at