Disability Accomodation Forms

Student forms

The following forms are being made available as fillable Microsoft Word documents. 

1 Academic Accommodation Request (DOCX) - Requires forms 5 or 6
2 Housing Accommodation Request (DOCX) - Requires forms 3 and 5 or 6
3 Housing Accommodation Acknowledgement (DOCX)
4 Accessible Textbook Request (PDF)

Provider forms

5 Physical and Health-Related Conditions (DOCX)
6 AD(H)D, Psychiatric, Neurological Disorders (DOCX)
7 Emotional Support Animals (DOCX) - Requires forms 2 and 3
8 Medically Necessary Air Conditioner (DOCX) - Requires forms 2 and 3 

Related forms

Processing time

The student will be contacted within one week after documentation for accommodation requests are received in the Center for Student Success. Please call the office at 717-337-6579 if you are not contacted in that time frame.