Helping the Class of 2020 & Beyond

Spring at Gettysburg College has traditionally brought our community together to celebrate our new graduates who are ready to go make a meaningful impact on the world through new jobs, graduate school, travel, and volunteerism. We all know that this year has turned out very differently: seniors are finishing the final weeks of their semester online, degrees will be conferred by mail, and many post-graduate plans are uncertain due to companies freezing new hires. Yet, our Gettysburg students are rising to meet these challenges! As economies and job markets are dealing with this global health crisis, now more than ever, the Class of 2020 needs help from our global, powerful Gettysburg Network.

Here are three ways you can help the Class of 2020 and beyond right now:

1.Create short-term, remote projects and opportunities through your organization

What is a Micro-Internship?

As defined by Parker Dewey, the organization that pioneered the micro-internship, they are “short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns.” Micro-internships are often project-based experiences, can occur throughout the year, and can range from 20-40+ hours to complete, typically in a remote capacity.

These experiences allow students and new graduates the opportunity to work with industry professionals, develop skills and career competencies, and grow their professional network while making a meaningful impact for a company or organization.

Designing a Micro-Internship

Research shows that students report the most satisfaction with internships when they feel like a part of the team, are doing challenging and meaningful work, and can make networking connections and find mentors. These are critical aspects to consider to elevate the experience for both the student and the employer. Some other questions to consider:

  • In assessing the workload at my company/organization, what work am I doing that I should not be doing? What work should I be doing that I cannot get to?
  • Does the work/project relate to the mission of my company/organization?
  • How long should the assignment take the student?
  • What technology or materials will the student need to complete the assignment? Can my company/organization provide the needed technology or materials to the student, if needed?
  • Who will supervise the student and how often will communication occur?
  • How will we compensate the student?
  • How can we appropriately onboard the student so that they feel like a member of our team?
  • How, and how often, will we evaluate the student?

Throughout the process (e.g., interviewing, orientation, supervision), you will also want to be clear about your expectations of the student and how the work should be completed.

Have Career Engagement Manage Your Micro-Internship Search

To have Career Engagement manage the collection of student applicants on your behalf, please email Jamie Guilford to discuss how to set up a resume referral.

Manage Your Own Micro-Internship Search Through Handshake

Register your company/organization with Gettysburg College in Handshake. For more details check out this step-by-step Handshake registration guide

Be sure to indicate that you are an alumnus/alumna of the college and note your year of graduation on your profile.

Post your micro-internship by clicking on “Post a Job” and complete all required fields. To differentiate your micro-internship posting, please use the information below to complete certain fields:

  • Job Title: use the word “micro-internship” in the title (e.g., Social Media Micro-Internship, Data Analysis Micro-Internship)
  • Job Type: select Internship
  • Employment Type: select Temporary/Seasonal; start and end dates can be approximate
  • Job Location: be sure to check the box for “Allow remote workers”
  • Does this position require U.S. work authorization?: select No (international students do not need sponsorship to complete micro-internships)
  • Job Preferences page: we encourage you to leave open as many fields as possible so that the opportunity is available to a wider range of students
  • Applicant Packages: we encourage you to select “email every time a new student applies” so that you can evaluate candidates in real time

Additional Micro-Internship Posting Options via Parker Dewey

Companies/organizations also have the option to post micro-internships on a larger scale through Gettysburg College’s partnership with Parker Dewey. Click on “For Prospective Employers” to learn more. Parker Dewey oversees vetting of the project, payment to the student, and posts the micro-internship on their national platform.

2.Hire Gettysburg graduates and current students into jobs and internships

Share opportunities through our recruiting platform, Handshake, or contact the Career Engagement Employer Relations Team to personalize and target your outreach through resume referrals.

3.Share your knowledge and experience

Virtually connect with students through connectGettysburg , our online community for networking and mentorship.