Internship Funding

Bryant Fund

Our office recognizes the tremendous accomplishment of being a first generation student and the unique challenges that may present themselves when trying to land that summer experience. We are dedicated to helping students gain access to professional development through summer internships. In order to qualify, you must identify as a first generation student. In addition, you must register your internship contract through your Student Center (as For Credit or Not for Credit) prior to receiving any funding.

General Fellowship Program

The General Fellowship Program is designed to offset costs for summer internships where the living and transportation expenses are significantly more than the amount the student is paid. To qualify, internships must be at least 160 hours and can be paid or unpaid; high paying internships are not eligible for funding.

Seibert Non-Profit Fellowship

Students completing a 160-hour internship with a U.S. non-profit can apply for funding through the Seibert Fellowship Program. Awardees will be required to submit a one-page summary report upon completion of their internship.

Commuter Expense Funding

The Commuter Expense Funding is designed to offset burdensome commuting costs such as gas, train tickets, parking, etc. up to $200 in reimbursement. Students must keep receipts and submit them to Career Engagement by September 15 or the charges will no longer be eligible for reimbursement. Commuter Funding applications will be available until all other funding sources have been determined. Career Engagement will make every effort to support transportation funding requests.