Financial Obligations for London/Lancaster

Gettysburg College pays:

  • tuition for seminar course and Lancaster term(s)
  • housing in both London and Lancaster University during term dates;
  • food allowance in London and Lancaster during term dates;
  • costs for tube/train travel, admissions and tickets for seminar field trips.

Students continue to receive all of their financial aid.

Students pay:

  • Gettysburg Tuition and Global Study Fee which is comparable to the comprehensive cost of a semester at Gettysburg
  • security deposit plus minimal fees for linens and social activities at Lancaster University
  • baggage fee if charged by airline
  • cost for cooking/eating utensils, towels, adapters for electronic equipment, cell
  • living and travel costs during break(s) between seminars and terms;
  • cost for storage of luggage during breaks, if attending pre-term seminar at 
  • miscellaneous personal expenses (e.g. passport application, Medical 
    Evacuation/Repatriation Insurance, photographs, visas if required,
    international student card, toiletries, and individual travel)

There is more comprehensive information on the Center for Global Education website. The lists above are meant to give the student a general idea of what to expect; details may change from year to year.