Lancaster Seminar

Understanding Britain

14 August - 14 September

Build friendships and learn about British culture and history over the last two hundred years. With classically British social activities you will have the chance to have afternoon tea in a vintage tearoom, tour Lancaster Castle, and compete in a pub-style quiz.

Course Overview

Week 1

You’ll focus on romantic literature and how it changed perceptions of nature, particularly with regard to the English Lake District, where you will visit the homes of the famous writers William Wordsworth and John Ruskin.

Week 2

In this week, you’ll study the emergence of the North West of Britain as an industrial powerhouse, including a visit to a textile mill. You’ll consider how scholars, political thinkers, writers and artists of the time perceived these changes.

Week 3

During this time, you’ll look at different experiences of World War I, both at home and on the front, and the lasting effects of the war on British culture and memory. Visits to interactive Manchester museums offer a chance to explore world-famous collections.

Week 4

For the final week, the programme will look at the transformation of Britain since the 1950s, the legacy of its colonial past,with a visit the Albert Docks in Liverpool,and the rise of new multicultural communities.

Students intending to study abroad at Lancaster from October, can take part in Understanding Britain to earn extra credits before term begins.

Please note that this programme is subject to a minimum enrollment of 12 students - if this number is not met, the University reserves the right to cancel the course.

Credits and Assessment

Students who complete this course are awarded 15 LU / 4 US / 8 ECTS credits.

This summer school will be assessed through three methods:

+ 25%: Exam

+ 50%: Essay

+ 25%: Presentation