London Seminar

Fall 2021 Seminar: Keep Calm and Carry On - The Battle of Britain, the English Home Front, Sir Winston Churchill, and the Commemorative Culture of WWII London

Alan Perry, Professor of Italian Studies

In this London-based seminar, students will explore the experience of Londoners during the Battle of Britain and World War II (1939 – 1945). By studying the crucial summer of 1940 when Prime Minister Winston Churchill rallied his nation to thwart the Nazi threat of invasion, students will learn about the efforts and sacrifices made by the people of England as they stood in harm’s way against the Nazi conquest of Europe. London was central to this story, and today the war is commemorated in movies, neighborhoods, art, and monuments throughout the city. While exploring London, the legacy of the leadership of Winston Churchill and the experiences of everyday Londoners,students engage with the sometimes forgotten aspects of World War II.

This London-based Seminar fulfills the IDS requirement and counts toward the Public Policy major and Public History minor.