Study Abroad in England: Semester at Lancaster University/London

The Gettysburg College Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program in England offers a study abroad experience for students who would like to pursue studies in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences at a British University.

The program is based at Lancaster University and students can enroll for full year or for the Michaelmas term (fall semester). Fall semester students also enroll in a pre-term, 4 week seminar in London or Lancaster (this is optional for full year students).

Essential Details:

Location: Lancaster University, in the northwest of England

Student Population: 12,000 students from over 100 different countries

Language requirement: None

Terms of study:

Fall semester

  • Pre-term seminar (late Aug.-late Sept.; 1 course credit)
  • Michaelmas/Fall Semester only (Oct.-Dec.; 3 course credits)

Academic year

  • Optional Pre-term seminar (late Aug.-late Sept.; 1 course credit)
  • Full year: Pre-term seminar (optional), Michaelmas, Lent (Jan.-March), and Summer (April-June) [total 8 course credits]

Academic Credit: Program is affiliated, so credits and grades transfer back to Gettysburg