Return from Medical Leave of Absence forms

Students returning from a Medical Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

The information we receive as well as your ability to manage the process are an important part of demonstrating your readiness to take on the rigors of residential study again. Your application to return will be strongest if you are the person contacting us with questions, rather than your parents or other representatives. Please note that while we carefully consider recommendations from your care providers, we make our decisions independently and in accordance with all available information and expertise. Thus positive recommendations for re-admittance from your care provider(s) do not guarantee your readmission.

We are looking for evidence that you understand the issues that caused you to leave the College and evidence that you have addressed/resolved these issues. Customarily, this process involves receiving psychological and/or psychiatric care while you are away from the College. If you are opposed to receiving such services, you must discuss your situation with the Director of Counseling at the outset of your leave/withdrawal and receive approval at that point for an alternative plan that you devise.

We will be communicating with you via email. Please be sure to check your email regularly. If you have any questions, please call Counseling Services at 717-337-6960.



IMPORTANT: You must complete the following steps in order to be considered for return to the College after a medical leave/withdrawal. Not completing any step in a timely fashion may compromise your petition to return and thus may delay your being approved to resume study at Gettysburg College.

  1. Return forms 1, 2, and 3 (located at the bottom of this page) as soon as possible after leaving the College. Submitting these completed forms enables us to communicate with the College on your behalf and also with your providers, which may aid them in planning your treatment.
    • We would expect to receive these within 2-3 weeks of your leaving the College.
    • You must complete forms 2 and 3 for each and every care provider you see.
  2. Have your care providers (physician, therapist, psychiatrist) contact us at the onset of your care so we can provide information about the reasons for your leave/withdrawal and that can help guide your care.
  3. Submit the following information to the Director of Counseling Services between April 15 and June 1 for return in the fall semester, and between October 15 and December 1 for return in the spring semester. Please note that you must receive approval/clearance from the Director of counseling services before you can register for classes in the semester that you are returning. It is, therefore, imperative that all required material is received in a timely manner. If you plan to pre-register, please plan to submit your materials well in advance of the pre-registration date.
  4. Finally, please note that completion of all these requirements does not guarantee your return back to campus.

For further information on readmission, please visit Academic Advising and Student Support Services’ website.

Required Information

You may submit the following required information piece by piece, but all information must be completed and received within these time frames or you will be ineligible for return in that semester. Note that we do NOT want to receive the following information before these dates, as we want information that reflects your status as close as possible to the time you wish to return.

A. Letter from you discussing, in detail,

    Factors that led to your leave/withdrawal

    Treatment you received while away from the College and how this treatment affected you (therapy, medications, hospitalizations)

    Evidence that you are now prepared to return (successful participation in a job, volunteer work, or college-level courses elsewhere, e.g.)

    Your plans for ensuring your ongoing good health if you are allowed to return, including your plans for ongoing care

    Any additional information we should be expecting to receive to support your petition to return (transcripts from other colleges, letters of recommendation from employers, etc.)

B. Form 4 from EACH of your care providers. Again, this information must be current.

Mail/FAX all information to Dr. Kathy Bradley; Gettysburg College, Counseling Services, Campus Box 424, Gettysburg, PA 17325 FAX 717-337-6978. Typically, Counseling Services confers with deans from College Life and Academic Advising and Student Support Services in early June to make decisions about return for the fall semester, and in early December with regard to the spring semester.

Form 1 – Release of Information From Gettysburg College Counseling Services to Academic Advising and Student Support Services and College Life. (PDF)

Form 2 – Release of Information From Gettysburg College Counseling Services to Home Healthcare Provider. (PDF)

Form 3 – Release of Information From Home Healthcare Provider to Gettysburg College Counseling Services. (PDF)

Form 4 – Home Healthcare Provider Recommendation (PDF)