Bullet Hole Meal Exchanges

Pick one item from each column (unless the item has an exception)

EntréeDrink 5Side
Oatmeal 1 Bottled Beverage Chips 2
Bagel Sandwich 1 Fountain Beverage Fries 2
Muffin Sandwich 1 Coffee Soup 2
Bagel 1 Tea Veggie Cup w/Hummus2
Muffin 1 Veggie Cup w/Peanut Butter2
Parfait 1 Side Salad 2
Sandwich/Half Sub (Higher Bread) Mac n' Cheese 2
Whole Sub (Higher Bread) 2 Packs of Peanuts
Salad (Root) 3 Chobani Yogurt 4oz.
Pizza w/3 Toppings (Pi) Fruit
Pasta w/Garlic Bread (Pi) Green Beans 2 
Entrée Item (Abe’s) Tots 1

1 Breakfast Only
2 Lunch and Dinner Only
3 No premium toppings, can substitute premium topping for side
4 No Side