Winterfest 2019 Locations, January 12-19

A man climbing on a snow-covered peak in New Hampshire

Cumberland Island Backpacking

Suwannee River Kayaking

New Hampshire Ice Climbing and Snowshoeing

Winter break is a time to spend with friends and family, to catch up on sleep, and to recover from the stress of classes. After a few weeks, though, you're sleeping in later--ten thirty, eleven, noon--and Netflix begins to lose its appeal. All you want is to try something new.

Why not count stars on a secluded beach in Georgia, paddle through Florida; climb a snow-covered peak in New Hampshire or rocks in Tennessee? You can return to campus with amazing photos, renewed energy, and great memories and friends - or scan Netflix again. The choice is yours.

Convinced yet? Check out this preview of the White Mountains:

Experiential Education Winterfest 2015

Two students standing on a snow-covered area in Glencliff Trail