Remote Computer Lab Instructions

Gettysburg College Remote Computer Lab

The remote computer lab provides students and faculty access to a virtual computer lab that contains the same software and features as our physical public computer labs (which are currently closed).  Any computer with an internet connection can access the remote lab environment.  The first time you attempt to access the lab, you will need to install the virtual access application.

Installing the Remote Lab (Citrix Workspace) Application

  1. The process for downloading Citrix Workspace is slightly different for Windows and Mac users.
  • If you are a Windows user, you can download the latest version of Citrix workspace App here:
  • If you are Mac user, you will need to click on the logo in the top left corner. You will need to click on “About This Mac” to find the current version (ex. 10.15) of the operating system that you are using. Once you determine which version of OS your MacBook is using, please follow this link:
  • Make sure to download the correct version of the Workspace App. The latest version will be for the latest OS, which is currently (11.0 “Big Sur”). If you are running an earlier OS, you will need to download an earlier version of the Workspace App.
  • When installing the Workspace App please ignore the section asking you to “Add Account”. Just hit continue to finish installing Citrix Workspace App.
  1. Once the Workspace App is installed, go to You may be asked to “Detect the Citrix Workspace”. If you are asked to download the Workspace, you can click on the “Already Installed” Link. You should be prompted to log in with your Gettysburg Credentials.
  2. Once you have logged into the Remote Lab, it may take a few minutes to open. The first time could take up to five minutes to fully open.

Using the Remote Lab

After this initial installation, subsequent use only requires logging into  and clicking on the remote lab icon if it doesn’t launch automatically.

When in the remote lab environment, you will have access to the hard drive on the physical computer as well as any web-based cloud storage you have – including the college’s OneDrive that all students, faculty, and employees have access. 

While you can save files to the virtual desktop or virtual C drive, these will disappear when you log out of the computer. Be sure to gather up any of these saved files after your session and save to your hard drive or cloud storage before logging out.

It is important that you log out of the remote lab when you are finished, to free up a seat for another person.