Student Computing FAQs

I already own the computer I plan to bring on campus. Do I have to buy a new one?

As long as your computer is running a recent version of Windows or Mac's 10.6(Lion) or higher, you will be able to access the Internet on campus.

Are there open computer labs and printers on campus if I choose not to bring anything?

Yes. There are seven open PC labs running Windows 10. In addition, several academic departments provide "private" labs for their majors to use. In all, there are more than 100 lab machines; most of which can be used 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Open labs offer laser printing as well as the option for students to print to these printers from their rooms.

What happens if my laptop needs service?

Information Technology (IT) supports the total campus community. The Infrastructure and Computing group is the first point of contact for IT services and support for students, faculty, administrators and support staff. The main ITHelpdesk and G-Tech (the Gettysburg Student Technology Center) are located on the first floor of West Building ("The HUB") and is available to assist students on campus. If your laptop does have a problem, contact G-Tech and we will determine if it is hardware or software. If it is hardware, you will need to call the manufacturer of your laptop for repair. If it is software, we'll help you back up your data and restore the machine to factory settings.

What Items should I keep with my computer?

  1. Manufacturer's tech phone number -- You will need this number to call for hardware repair service if you are under warranty from the manufacturer.
  2. Original recovery or restoration disks for your operating system and important software (remember, we do not have copies) -- These disks are provided by the manufacturer or you may be given the opportunity to create your own set of recovery disks by the manufacturer. Check the literature or ask the salesperson before making a purchase.
  3. External hard drive -- You should protect your files by making a copy of them to an external hard drive or an online backup service. All students are given network storage space to save their active schoolwork. This space is called the H drive. It can be accessed from any lab computer when you log on and on your personal computer after installing special software provided by Gettysburg.

Should I bring a printer?

You may find it practical and efficient to have your own printer, especially during peak periods of lab use for midterms and finals. Remember that laser printing is available from your room to a computer lab seven days a week, virtually 24 hours a day.

**Personal wireless printers -- You cannot plug a wireless printer into the Ethernet port in your room. Your wireless printer must use Bluetooth or a cable that connects directly to your computer. IT does not support setup or troubleshooting personal printing issues.

Can I bring more than one computer?

Yes, you can bring more than one computer and hand held devices. The wireless is easily accessible by any device with wireless capabilities. Students are allotted one Ethernet port to hard wire their computer in their rooms. IT gives all first year students an Ethernet cable, which is theirs to keep.

How do I access the Internet on campus?

Students have two methods to access the Internet on campus. One is wireless access called gbcwifi. It is open and can be easily connected to once your computer is registered on the network. Once registered on the college's network, click on view available wireless networks and click on gbcwifi, you are now connected to wireless on campus. Method two is Ethernet, you can connect your computer to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. You will be prompted to register your computer when you first plug into Ethernet. The only requirement to pass registration for all computers is to have a fully updated anti-virus program running on your computer.

Do I need an Anti-virus program?

An up-to-date anti-virus program is required to be running on your computer to access the Internet through Gettysburg College.. It is vital that the anti-virus program be kept up to date. There are many companies that provide free anti-virus programs. You can check with your Internet Service Provider, they may offer one for free. You can purchase one on line, or in stores.

What kind of computer training and other support is available for new students?

Training and general help are abundant for students from the day they arrive on campus and throughout the academic year. The Educational Technology group (ET) conducts training on all supported applications and ensures that documentation is available. ET staff trainers and students provide hands-on lab classes, video lessons, tutorials, and one-on-one and small group training sessions. ET Student Liaisons are available on the 1st floor of the West Building in The Hub to help students use supported software.

Can I use a modem on my PC?

Gettysburg College does not support computer connections to the network via modem. Your machine must be equipped with a network card.

Does Information Technology hire student workers?

Yes we do. We are looking for motivated, creative, reliable and energetic students to work for us. Students must be willing to work a reasonably consistent minimum number of hours per week for scheduling purposes. Working for IT can involve computer troubleshooting and repair (hardware and software), working with the campus computer network, classroom technology, telecommunications and digital TV technology and web/application programming. We promise training, a hands-on, resume-worthy opportunity, steady employment, and a comfortable, if slightly crazed, working environment. We are based in the West Building.

Can I run a web server?

The College provides space for non-commercial personal web pages on the network. You may not run server software on computers connected to the College's network. The installation of web servers, ftp servers, remote access servers and similar programs on personal machines is prohibited. Obtain a copy of the Network Use Policy and read it carefully. Check with IT in advance of installing any network software on your computer if you have any questions.

What kind of computer support can I expect if I live off campus?

IT concentrates its computer support and services on the computers of students who live on campus. Our technicians will not visit off-campus residences; however, students living off campus can bring their PC to G-Tech located on the first floor of the West Building for support.