Survey Highlights: Spring 2021

Where are Members of the 2021 Graduating Class Headed?

Release date: June 25, 2021

From April 19, 2021 to mid-May 2021, the Office of Institutional Analysis (IA) administered the HEDS Senior Survey to the 2021 graduating class. All expected May and August graduates were invited to take the survey. 439 seniors completed the HEDS Senior Survey, resulting in a response rate of about 80%. Additionally, from April 19 to May 10, Center for Career Engagement administered the Senior Prep Day Survey to collect career placement information (survey response rate: about 85%). The IA Office merged the two survey datasets and Major data retrieved from PeopleSoft. Despite the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, survey results show strong evidence of career placement outcomes reported near graduation. Highlighted below are select survey results.

  • Many seniors reported having accepted a job offer. Examples of employers include: Amazon, American International Group, Inc., AT & T, Becton Dickinson, Chubb, Deloitte, Ecosystems LLC, EchoStar/Hughes Communication, Ellucian, Federal Reserve, Fidelity Investments, Hamilton Place Strategies, Hanover Research, Lockton Companies, McAdam financial, Mullen Coughlin LLC, National Park Service, National Portrait Gallery, Oracle, PURE Insurance, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, RSM US, Sensenig Capital Advisors, Teach For America, T. Rowe Price, US Department of Defense, US Department of Justice, Vanguard, and WarnerMedia.
  • About 90 seniors (or 16% of the sample) reported having been accepted into graduate school/pursuing further education (this % is about one percentage point lower than that of the pre-COVID year--the 2019 May graduates). Seven seniors will attend graduate schools abroad: The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) (Sint Maarten), Queen's University Belfast (Northern Ireland), London School of Economics and Political Science, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Edinburgh (2), and University of Luxembourg. 56% will be pursing a master's degree; 38% (N=32), doctoral degree (including 11 PhD, 13 JD, and 8 medical degree). Six international students and 14 domestic students of color reported having been accepted into graduate school.
  • 13 seniors reported their primary planned activity after graduation is volunteer or national service (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, etc.)
  • 5 seniors reported their primary planned activity after graduation is military service. They reported having secured employment with the following: US Army (2), US Marine Corps, US Department of Defense, and 619th Transportation Company.
  • Despite the disruptions of the pandemic, a sizable majority of the graduating seniors participated in high-impact/enriching learning experiences (e.g., internships, study abroad, etc.) during their undergraduate education at Gettysburg. For example, 56% reported having worked with faculty on research, and 82%, having participated in community service.

A Sample of Graduate Schools 2021 Graduating Seniors were Accepted into (Listed by Undergraduate Major) :

Major 1 Major 2 Degree Graduate School Field
ANTH PP JD Duquesne Univ. Law
ARTH Master's Univ. of Edinburgh Social Anthropology
ARTS Master's Georgetown Univ. Design Management & Communications
BIO-S PhD Univ. of Florida Immunology
BIO-S DVM Cornell Univ. Veterinarian
BIO-S MD American Univ. of the Caribbean Surgery
BIO-S PharmD Universite de Montreal Pharmacy
BMB-S PhD Univ. at Buffalo Chemistry
BMB-S PhD Drexel Univ. Molecular Biology
BMB-S PhD Brown Univ. Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology
BMB-S MD N/A Medicine
CHEM Master's Univ. of Pennsylvania Secondary Education
CHEM-S PhD Univ. of Southern California Chemistry
CHEM-S PhD Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chemistry
CIMS ENGC MFA College of Charleston Creative Writing
CS-S MATH PhD Virginia Tech Computer Science
EAS-China Master's New York Univ. Museum Studies
ECON-S IND Master's Univ. of Luxembourg Quantitative Economics & Finance/Data Science(undecided)
ECON-S PP JD Univ. of Virginia Law
ENG IA Master's Auburn Univ. Professional & Technical Communications
ENGC EAS-Japan PhD Yale Univ. English
ENGC PHIL Master's Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania English Composition & Literature
ENGC PP Master's Eastern Washington Univ. Creative Writing
ENGC Master's Univ. of Charleston Creative Writing
GS Master's Queen's Univ. Belfast Conflict Transformation & Social Justice
HIS Master's Trinity College Dublin International Politics
HIST IA Master's Washington Univ. in St. Louis Middle Eastern Studies
HIST PHIL Master's MBA Loyola Univ. Business Administration
HIST POL JD Stetson Univ. Law
HIST SP-LACLS Master's Simmons Univ. Library & Information Science
HIST Master's Univ. of Massachusetts Public History
HIST Master's Univ. of Maryland, College Park Library & Information Science
HIST Master's Univ. of Kentucky History
HIST PhD Univ. of Georgia History
HS PP Master's Yale Univ. Nursing (adult gerontology acute care)
HS Master's Stony Brook Univ. Athletic Training
HS Master's London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Control of Infectious Diseases
HS Master's Drexel Univ. Nursing
HS Doctoral Degree Columbia Univ. Nursing Practice
HS Doctoral Degree Thomas Jefferson Univ. Physical Therapy
HS Doctoral Degree Northeastern Univ. Physical Therapy
HS Doctoral Degree Drexel Univ. Physical Therapy
HS Second Bachelor's Thomas Jefferson Univ. Nursing
HS Second Bachelor's Villanova Univ. Nursing
HS Second Bachelor's Felician Univ. Nursing
HS Second Bachelor's Thomas Jefferson Univ. Nursing
HS Second Bachelor's West Chester Univ Nursing
HS-S Master's Thomas Jefferson Univ. Physician Assistant
MATH Master's Wake Forest Univ. Business Analytics
MATH Master's Columbia Univ. Applied Analysis
MATH PhD Stony Brook Univ. Mathematics
MUSP-V Master's DePaul Univ. Music Performance
MUSP-WPE Master's Longy School of Music Flute Performance
MUSP-WPE Master's Hartt School of Music Music
OMS -OS JD Villanova Univ. Law
OMS -OS JD Roger Williams Univ. Litigation
OMS -OS Master's Vanderbilt Univ. Public Health
PHIL PP Master's Cornell Univ. Industrial & Labor Relations
POL EAS-China JD Ohio State Univ. Law
POL ENG Master's Univ. of Maryland, College Park Public Policy
POL IA JD New York Law Law
POL PP JD American Univ. Law
POL PP Master's Univ. of Virginia Commerce
POL PP Master's London School of Economics & Political Science International Development & Humanitarian Emergencies
POL PP Master's Harvard Kennedy School Public Policy
POL REL Master's Univ. of Edinburgh Religious Studies
POL JD Villanova Univ. Law
POL JD Albany Law School Law
POL Master's Syracuse Univ. Political Science
PSYCH ARTS Master's Marywood Univ. Art Therapy
PSYCH HS Master's Columbia Univ. Nursing
PSYCH REL Master's Vanderbilt Univ. Counseling
PSYCH SPAN Master's Northwestern Univ. Psychology/Counseling
PSYCH SPAN Master's Boston College Social Work
PSYCH JD George Mason Univ. Law
PSYCH Master's Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Psychology - Clinical & Mental Health Counseling
PSYCH Master's Adelphi Univ. School Psychology
PSYCH Master's N/A Clinical/Counseling Psychology
SOC PP Master's Georgetown Univ. Public Policy
SOC JD Univ. of Colorado International Law
SOC Master's Fairfield Univ. Data Science
SPAN WGSS Master's Univ. at Buffalo Social Work

Note: (1) Some seniors completed two undergraduate majors; both majors were listed above. Departments should look under both "Major 1" and "Major 2" when looking for their graduates. (2) Ten seniors, although accepted into graduate school, did not report their graduate school name or graduate degree on the survey; these students are noted with "N/A". (3) A few seniors, although accepted into graduate school, reported they would defer enrollment until later. (4) 11 seniors reported being waitlisted at the time of taking the survey; they were not included in any of the statistics or the table above. (5) The final sample used only included May graduates and a few pending August graduates (no December 2020 graduates).

2021 graduating class One-Year-Out Career Outcomes Study will be conducted in Spring 2022 (within a year after graduation), which will provide more complete placement results.