2012-2013 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Kristin Stuempfle, Department Co-Chair of Health Sciences

Kris Stuempfle, who completed her Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, joined the Gettysburg College Health Sciences Department in 1997. She quickly had a very positive impact. Her expertise in Human Anatomy and Physiology, the very foundation of the Health Sciences curriculum, immediately increased the scientific rigor of many upper-level courses. Furthermore, she added breadth and depth to the program with new courses such as Environmental Physiology and Chronic Disease. Professor Stuempfle, however, always continues to seek ways to improve her courses despite ongoing positive feedback from her students. She expressly attended a pedagogical conference to learn how to use case studies in the classroom, a welcome addition because so many students in the Health Sciences Department will be going into the medical field. But it is not simply Kris’s students who benefit from her knowledge and experience. Colleagues new to the department do as well. Kris is always ready to mentor new faculty and to share her teaching materials with those less experienced so that they, too, may find the same success that she has had. Preparing to teach Human Anatomy and Physiology, one colleague wrote: “When I began to work through her teaching materials, I was certain that I would find an impeccably prepared two-semester course sequence that would provide me with a road map of how to teach these complex courses, and also give a student an excellent scientific foundation of the inner workings of the human body. What I discovered was much more than that: a curriculum that demonstrated the beauty of human physiology and forced students to think critically by taking an interdisciplinary approach.” This same colleague made a point of saying that Kris Stuempfle had been instrumental in making him more effective in the classroom. An innovative, conscientious and gifted teacher, Professor Stuempfle is held in high regard by students and colleagues alike, and with this in mind, the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning Advisory Board was proud to give its first Excellence in Teaching Award, an award expressly given to an individual at mid-career, to Professor of Health Sciences Kris Stuempfle.