2016-2017 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Laurel Cohen, Professor of German

Just how well can a non-native learn to speak German? Ask Prof. Laurel Cohen: she was the first non-native speaker permitted to teach German at an international summer language program at Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet in Frankfurt.

In addition to her language prowess, Cohen is embedded in German culture and history. Her courses have run the historical gamut:

  • Generational Perspectives on 21st Century German Literature
  • From Tacitus to Frederick the Great: German Culture from Origins to 1790
  • Historical Consciousness and German National Identity: The Past as Future

A prestigious German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fellowship led Cohen to graduate study at Eberhard-Karls Universitaet, Tuebingen, followed by additional work at Wilhelm Pieck Universitaet in the former German Democratic Republic. She earned a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages at the University of California at Los Angeles, where she wrote her dissertation on East German literature in the 1980s.