2020-2021 Excellence in Teaching Award

Clif Presser, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Clif Presser came to the Gettysburg College Department of Computer Sciences (CS) in 2000. He is an engaged and valued member of his department and committed to the learning and success of his students. Since his arrival at Gettysburg, he has taught more than fifteen different courses in the discipline, ranging from the Introduction to Computing course for non-majors to courses in Advanced System Design, Operating Systems, and the Theory of Computation.

He regularly teaches the CS capstone course, in which seniors work side-by-side with clients from various offices across campus, along with the greater Gettysburg community, to develop software solutions to issues they face. Professor Presser’s versatility as an instructor is underscored by his remarkable dedication to his students. He is known to spend many hours working with students on coursework and research projects, and for his focus on student feedback to design and improve upon new assignments or classroom experiences.

Beyond his classroom teaching, Prof. Presser is also the system administrator for the computer science department’s labs and manages the software loads for the whole department. Prof. Presser’s commitment to Gettysburg College is exemplified by his many teaching and administrative responsibilities, his ongoing research in scientific and information visualization, and his substantial service to the department and the college community.