Change-Making Grant

Change Making Grant

The Change Making Grant provides support up to $4000.00 to a group of faculty to research, plan, and implement substantive, innovative, and long-term change to their pedagogical practice. These changes must affect the pedagogical practice of all teaching participants. Proposals should do at least two, and preferably all three, of the following:

  1. Support curricular goals such the Gettysburg Curriculum, majors, minors, or interdisciplinary programs;
  2. Address common or shared initiatives such as intercultural or inclusive course design, use of evidence-based learning, application of principles of Universal Design for Learning, or information and digital literacy.
  3. Provide an opportunity for participants from different disciplines, academic departments/programs, or areas of specialization to work together. Applications that include librarians, digital/educational technologists, or other administrators are encouraged.

The funding may be used in a variety of ways, including bringing in a consultant, travel to workshops or conferences, purchase of resources or materials, support for ongoing meetings, or stipends. Given the amount of the grant, the JCCTL expects applicants to be thoughtful and creative in their plans for the funding. Proposing to pay stipends, for example, must be justified with a convincing explanation of why this represents the best use of the funds. The money may not be used for release time/course releases. The JCCTL also no longer funds activities that should be a normal part of department/program interaction, such as retreats.

Lecturers, tenure-track, and tenured faculty are eligible to apply. Visiting and part-time faculty may also participate as long as the period of their appointment coincides with the time frame of the proposed project. Groups may include colleagues who do not have a faculty appointment. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling submission basis. Send the completed application form to Funding is contingent on the quality of the proposal and availability of funds.

A written report must be submitted at the conclusion of the project (Report). Grant recipients must also be willing to present their work in appropriate on-campus events. Future applications for all JCCTL funding is contingent upon submission of reports for previous funding.

Note: This grant replaces the department/program grant, which has been discontinued.