Campus Working Groups

Campus Working Group (CWG) grants facilitate small-group collaboration on semester- or year-long pedagogical projects. Often composed of colleagues from across departments/programs, these groups meet regularly to develop material, explore new approaches, brainstorm, offer feedback, share experiences, and/or facilitate cross-disciplinary experiences. Topics are flexible so long as your work connects to the JCCTL’s mission of providing opportunities to hone pedagogical skills, exploring collaborative and experiential learning techniques, and/or incorporating technological innovations.

Though we regret that only salaried employees are eligible for stipends as per College policy, all college employees are welcome to participate.

The goal of the CWG grant is, in part, to support this work monetarily, but also to help provide a framework that offers some structure and accountability; CWGs should plan to share their work with their campus colleagues through a JCCTL/JPI event, a resource guide, a workshop, or some other means.

Proposals are accepted twice during the academic year:
Fall: Sept. 29, 2022

Spring: Jan. 19, 2023

A written report must be submitted at the conclusion of the project (Report form). Grant recipients must also be willing to present their work in appropriate on-campus events. Future applications for all JCCTL funding is contingent upon submission of reports for previous funding.

Application (DOC)

Past Grant Recipients