CWG Past Awards

Previously known as Faculty-Created Working Groups


Teaching During Covid-19: Strategies for Effective Instruction

Christopher C. Oechler (Spanish), Gokcer Ozgur (Economics), Douglas Page (Political Science), Tres Lambert (German Studies), Gregory Suryn (Chemistry)

Supporting underrepresented minority students at Gettysburg College: Synthesis of literature in STEM fields

Kathy Berenson (Psychology), Shelli Frey (Chemistry), Darren Glass (Provost’s Office & Mathematics), Ryan Kerney (Biology), Matt Kittelberger (Biology), Sarah Principato (Environmental Studies), Alex Trillo (Biology)

Anthropology Department Syllabus Updates

Matthew Amster, Amy Evrard, Kirby Farah, Lewis JonesBen Luley and Donna Perry (Anthropology)

Political Science Fourth Credit Hour Virtual Workshop Series for Introductory-level Courses

Yasemin Akbaba, Scott Boddery, Caroline Hartzell, Bruce Larson, Kevin PhamLindsay Reid and Ashley Woo (Political Science)


Effectively Teaching Data Science and Statistics with R

Megan Benka-Coker (Health Sciences), Sharon Birch (Educational Technology/Sociology), Natasha Gownaris (Environmental Studies), Lauren Klabonski (Biology), and Bruce Larson (Political Science).

Creating an Affordable and Relatable Textbook for Intro to Psychology

Kathleen CainSahana MukherjeeKatherine Delaney, and Brian Meier (Psychology). 


Animal Behavior Studies

Connie Devilbiss (Sociology), Cassie Hays (Sociology), and Monica Ogra (Environmental Studies) 

The Role of Internet Translators in Foreign Language Courses

Anne Kerns (French), Bérangère Collobert (French), Jenny Dumont (Spanish), Covadonga Arroyo Garcia (Spanish), and Jen Cole (Academic Advising)

A Proposal for a New Pluralistic Methods Course in Philosophy

Lisa Portmess, Gary Mullen, Nathifa Greene, Jennifer Gaffney, and Mercedes Valmisa (Philosophy)

De/Post Colonial Environmentalisms

Salma Monani (Environmental Studies), Vivek Freitas (English), Aaron Lacayo (Spanish), and David Walsh (Religious Studies)

Open Access Readings for ES 121, Environmental Issues

Irene Hawkins, Rud Platt, and Andy Wilson (Environmental Studies)


Redesigning the general chemistry introductory courses using a thematic approach.

Kate Buettner, Luke Thompson, Michael Wedlock, Shelli Frey, Don Jameson, all from the Chemistry department. Report (PDF)

Studying the role of internet/machine translators in foreign language classes.
Anne Kerns (French), Junjie Luo (East Asian Studies), Melanie Rubio Benitez (Spanish). Report (PDF)

Tools/methods/approaches and strategies for teachers of Islam and Muslim cultures.
Megan Sijapati (Religious Studies) and Amy Evrard (Anthropology)  Report (PDF)

Planning a social justice pedagogy reading group for next year.
Melissa Forbes and Victoria Reuter. Both in the English department. Report (PDF)

Digital assignment design and assessment.
R.C. Miessler (Musselman Library), Bill O’Hara (Sunderman), Eric Remy (IT/ET), Divonna Stebick (Education), Alecea Standlee (Sociology), Carrie Szarko (IT/ET). Report (PDF)