Johnson Creative Teaching Summer Grant

Chipo1The Creative Teaching Summer Fellowship provides support for labor-intensive teaching projects that are best undertaken in the summer rather than during the school year. The Fellowship provides a faculty member with up to $2000 to cover expenses connected to the project. All funds must be incurred between June 1 – September 1. These funds may be used for materials, supplies, travel related to the project, conference attendance, or for a student assistant to work part-time on the project over the summer. Please note that student assistants must be hired and paid according to the guidelines posted on the Center for Career Engagement. Meals are not funded unless incorporated in a conference registration fee. Please provide a detailed budget including funds contributed by the department or other cost sharing. Refer to the Accounts Payable website for reimbursement guidelines. Be sure to include requested RPDG funds including the amount requested or received and what component of the project it is funding. JCCTL and the Provost are in communication to determine optimal funding to applicants.

This application can be saved as a Word document for editing. Type your answers under each heading. Applications from all disciplines are encouraged. Please submit this application to Richelle Lamarr at by Feb. 16, 2023.

Recipients of a JCCTL fellowship or grant must submit a written report at the conclusion of their project and be willing to make one or more presentations about their work in appropriate on-campus venues. (Report form)

Application (DOC)

Past Summer Fellowship Recipients