Johnson Information Literacy Grant

The Johnson Information Literacy Grant is designed for faculty members who will (re)design a course to include an emphasis on library-related student research. This program provides the grant recipient with a $1,000 stipend and the opportunity to collaborate deeply with a librarian in order to infuse an entire course with information literacy and research skills. Research strategies should be integrated with academic content and sequenced throughout the semester to allow students to learn, reinforce, and master these important skills. The grant is open to courses offered during the fall semester at all levels. Prior to submission, applicants must discuss projects with a librarian in the Research & Instruction Department at Musselman Library. Library Liaisons. Applications from all disciplines are encouraged.

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Application deadline is Nov. 3, 2022.

Recipients of a JCCTL fellowship or grant must submit a written report at the conclusion of their project and be willing to make one or more presentations about their work in appropriate on-campus venues. (Report form)

Application (DOC)

Past Grant Recipients