Johnson Teaching with Special Collections Grant

The Johnson Center Teaching with Special Collections Grant is designed for faculty members who wish to enhance a 100- or 200-level course or First-Year Seminar to include using archival or primary sources for student assignments. Assignments must be based on the resources (primary sources, staff, or physical space) of Special Collections. The grant provides a $1,000 stipend for the recipient to collaborate closely with an archivist or Special Collections librarian. Up to two grants are awarded each year.

The grant provides dedicated time with Special Collections staff and collections for faculty to create assignments that enable students to identify and evaluate primary sources, engage in archival research, develop critical and analytical thinking, and integrate primary and secondary sources within a research-based assignment.

This application can be saved as a Word document for editing. Type your answers under each heading. Applications from all disciplines are encouraged. Please submit this application to Deadline for application March 9, 2023.

Recipients of a JCCTL fellowship or grant must submit a written report at the conclusion of their project and be willing to make one or more presentations about their work in appropriate on-campus venues. (Report form)

Application (DOCX)

Past grant recipients