Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant

The Johnson Center for Creative Teaching & Learning is offering Open Educational Resources (OER) Grants in collaboration with Musselman Library. This grant mechanism supports course instructors who wish to replace commercial textbooks or other required class materials with OER. OER are completely free and can be customized to support course content and learning goals. Assigning zero-cost materials equalizes access and ensures that all students can have the materials they need to learn. Using OER benefits all students and especially our most vulnerable ones.

Applications from all disciplines are encouraged. If you have any concerns whether your proposed project is fundable, please contact

Librarians in the Scholarly Communications department are prepared to work with instructors to identify possible OER replacements, provide support for editing and remixing OER, and consult about OER creation by faculty or students. Consultation with Mary Elmquist and/or Janelle Wertzberger ( is an essential and required initial step of this application.

Stipends range from $500 to $1,000 and are tied to the scope of work required to integrate openly licensed materials into a course. We expect the newly adopted OER to be used for a minimum of two semesters, and for instructors to conduct thorough assessment related to student use of OER.

2022-2023 Deadline: March 16, 2023

Recipients of a JCCTL fellowship or grant must submit a written report at the conclusion of their project (i.e., after using the proposed resources for at least two separate semesters) and be willing to present outcomes of their work in appropriate on-campus venues.

In the case of this grant, an additional brief written report will be requested from you after your first semester of teaching using these OER resources. This should include 1) a brief description of your OER project, and 2) results and discussion of student assessment data. Future JCCTL funding is contingent upon submission of reports for previous funding.

Application (DOC)

Resource Guide - Faculty and Student Perspectives on Open Education at Gettysburg College

Past OER Grant Recipients